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Originally Posted by Avles View Post
Sounds good, but it's not like there are computer-rated players just hanging out on every street corner wanting to play meaningless (but serious and competitive) matches so that other players can effectively gauge their level. If that were the case there'd be no need for self-rating guidelines.

OP, I think your best bet is to post unedited match footage, from behind, both players trying their hardest. But you'll probably find that people here disagree on your rating anyway.
Sounds like you (and the OP) need to move to a different part of town. But seriously, think about it: no video of rallying, practicing, hittin' aroun' is going to matter. If the OP really does post a match where he loses to a 3.5: 2-6, 3-6, guess what? I don't care about his footage, he is likely a 3.5
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