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Default Any HVAC guys here?

I have a 17 y/o heat pump that's had a slow leak for years. I usually have to have it re-charged about once a year. Well, the leak is getting worse. I need to re-charge again. This time lasted about 6 months. I'm hoping one more re-charge will get me through until March when we get our annual lump sum bonus that will let me replace the entire unit.

This system uses the old R22 freon. I've been calling around for quotes and getting prices anywhere from $45 - $100 per pound (the last charge was 3.5 pounds). Some have service call charges on top of that, anywhere from $29 - $90. One guy offered me "reclaimed" R22 at $35 per pound with a $69 service call.

Reading on the interweb, it looks like "reclaimed" R22 is cleaned and treated to bring it back to the original ARI 700 specifications (same as virgin). Have any of you ever used "reclaimed" freon? Were any problems experienced?
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