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From the Fireside Book of Tennis-From an article by Julius Heldman called The Style of Pancho Gonzales--The strongest part of Gonzales' serve is his ability to put the first ball into play when the chips are down. At 0-40, 15-40 and 30-40, his battling average on first serves must be .950. It is incredible to have so high a percentage while still hitting hard and almost flat. The number of aces served on these important points is also astounding.

There are a lot of greats famous for putting big serves in when the pressure was on, Pancho Gonzalez is perhaps the most revered by the experts but I would say in the last few decades you would have to look at Borg and Sampras as being well known for this also.

Krosero has McEnroe doing well in this area but I don't recall him being well known for this area of the game. He probably was excellent but it wasn't mentioned that often.

Speaking of Borg, here's what Fred Perry wrote about him in his book Fred Perry-An autobiography-Borg was the best player I've ever seen when it came to battling his way out of a tight corner; when he was love-40, 15-40 or 30-40 down he was marvelous. Look how he came back so many times from seemingly impossible postions against players like Mark Edmondson, Vijay Amritraj and Victor Amaya during his great Wimbledon years.

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