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Default You are missing a lot of points

Originally Posted by HIGH-TECH TENNIS View Post
So good to see that so many of you GET IT: Taylor is a CHILD who happens to be the #1 junior girl in the world! To have been treated that way (with comments about her "FITNESS" from none other than PMAC, which were correctly picked up and plastered on headlines of newspapers and TV shows across the nation) was just OUTRAGEOUS.

To those who feel that her work ethic is lacking and she is not sufficiently dedicated to tennis, I wonder how in the world you feel qualified to make that judgement??? I have personally known Taylor since she was 8 or 9 and I can promise you she never has and she never will have a body like Maria Sharapova---AND THAT IS O.K.- but what she has is clearly working for her in the juniors - WHICH IS WHERE SHE IS. Who can say what will or won't work for her in the pros???? Oh yah, probably PMAC, since he claims to know such things.

I take Taylor at her word (wish everyone else would do the same) because I believe her when she said this: "I have always done everything that's ever been asked of me...and more."

I say GO TAYLOR - and I completely agree with whoever it was who said here (or it could have been somewhere else) that if PMAC worked in private industry, he would have been FIRED within 24 hours of such horrendous treatment of a sensitive young girl who happens to be #1 in the entire world. Like Martina and Lindsay and Serena and sooooo many others, I am BEYOND UPSET at the way they treated my friend.

I don't know if/when it'll ever happen, but I for one will be so very glad when she has the opportunity to move on and leave the USTA in the DUST.
You are missing a lot of points
One of them is how to proceed after Australian Open 2013
which by the way is NOT very far away
Is she ready to play pro tournaments above the Challenger level?
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