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Originally Posted by Rina View Post
I have to agree with this sentiment when it comes to my son. He is the nicest kid, truly, I have another child, and seen many kids, and my own child makes me very proud by being nicest, kindest boy you'll meet. But, it drives me crazy on the court when he does this constant applauding to his opponent. For example he played a kid and my son was up 5-2 and this other kid started changing scores, saying no it's 30-40 for me, not 40-30 for you... Then he called every close ball out, and bunch of parents and my son saw it was in. In the end my child loses and he was still applauding cheaters good shots!!! I am not saying he shouldn't be nice, but it is costing him many matches.
Start teaching your son to be business minded out there ,most will say it needs to be "fun" hogwash , start by explaing he is out there working for points and the win is his paycheck and any kid cheating is a shoplifter in his business and no one applauds a theif they must be treated harshly !

Once again a gentleman off the court ,all business on the court and if he needs fun take him to Disneyland or a beach or park .

Best to you .
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