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Default Give me one piece of advice to help me win tonight.

I'm playing my last match tonight. I'm in a non-USTA 3.5 singles league. I'm 0-5. It's a typical story...all the games are close, but I just haven't learned to put people away yet. I've practice all the time, light bulbs are going off occasionally....a real game is coming together. Very soon, I'm going to cross that rubicon and start winning close instead of losing close. I want that first victory to be tonight. Last match, I got close........lost to the league champ 6-4, 6-4. I pressed him hard. Previously, I'd lost to him 6-1, 6-2.

Tonight's the night. Anything to help is appreciated. My time is now. The sooner I can conquer this, the sooner I can dominate and move up. I play so much better against players with real games than I do against players with pusher games. I expressed this frustration to a coach I've been getting lessons from and he said "don't worry, just keep are developing a real tennis game. One day when it all comes together, pusher games won't be able to touch you anymore."

I'm right at the lip of that cup.
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