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Originally Posted by julian View Post
You are missing a lot of points
One of them is how to proceed after Australian Open 2013
which by the way is NOT very far away
Is she ready to play pro tournaments above the Challenger level?
Looks like she won't be 17 until April 2013, but what's your point?

Obviously, she is now preparing now for a pro career. That's the whole point of her being in training.

I guess some of us just don't think that humiliating a teenage girl about her "weight issues" is ethical or the best way to help her prepare to be a pro tennis player.

And certainly no explanation has been given thus far about how holding her out from the US Open would help her get in better shape.

It's a punishment, pure and simple. Let's at least be honest about that.

Martina: "It is absolutely insane what they did, so irresponsible. If anything, play more. Don’t go into the gym. Just watch [what you eat], but in a positive and constructive and long-term way. But to throw this on her at 16? I’m trying to be nice here, but they totally blew it on this one."
Lindsay: "Bringing out their best isn’t making them feel bad about themselves and having a horrible self-image. You get it out of them by getting them happy, by getting them excited to play, not by tearing them down."
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