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My normal routine is to play tennis once a week, maybe 3-5 sets of doubles. Only once a year do I get to play singles.
Afterwards, usually the next day, I get stiff and sore all over. But if I go windsurfing, take it easy for maybe 1.5 hours, the body seems to stretch itself just about right. I did yoga for a while, but that hurt my wrists and shoulders.
If I ride my bike maybe 10 miles easy, after tennis, the legs do seem to recover quickly.
Unfortunately, my current job of mudding and sanding walls and ceilings, especially ceilings, is about the worst activity I can find for helping my tennis or my windsurfing games.
Currently sanding a 8X14' ceiling patch over the living room, which might take me 2 hours nonstop, or 3 days at my pace. Then I gotta patch the holes, wait for set, resand, and check again with a droplight.
I'm 63, can't lift my left arm up to my face, and rotator cuffs are shot....for the last 10 years.
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