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Originally Posted by floridatennisdude View Post
That looks like typical, solid 4.0's that I see around here. Would assume none of these guys would get embarrassed at 4.5.

Yea ... the lefty was a big bump guy to 4.5. He has hung around at 4.5 since then with about a 40% winning percentage.

The small Asian fellow has been as high as 5.0 but has since fallen to 4.0 two years ago. Not bad for 65 ...

I am the big guy in orange. I am currently a 4.0 and an early start 4.5. I have had a winning record at 4.5 over the last 2 years but fortunately when I play 4.5 I get to play line 3 doubles so I usually do not have to worry about getting embarrassed and can hang with them.

The last guy is a career 4.0. He has super ugly strokes, never seems to move, but it seems like he always manages to get the ball back over the net with either of his forehands (righty or lefty)
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