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I appreciate the ability to get feedback more quickly than waiting for a full review.

I bought the QTour on faith, and loved the classic feel and power I was getting. But, in addition to bothering my elbow, it started bothering my shoulder, something that hasn't been an issue for several years. Its promise of a player's stick that didn't hurt was unfulfilled, for me (note that other feedback indicates people love it and it doesn't hurt them).

I switched back to the Ki5 and although I hate playing with it due to lack of feel and power, it doesn't hurt me, which is now my top priority.

The biggest question is not how the Q5 compares to the Tour, it's how it improves on the Ki5, if in fact it does. The biggest difference is the polarized Kinetic system (with the beads in 4 small pockets at 10/2 and 5/7 roughly). In terms of both lab and real world experience, how do the two compare?

I have a feeling I'm going to have to cough up another $180 to find out...
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