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Originally Posted by Litespeeds View Post
Does anyone else have problems with the selection process for Regional tournaments? My son is now 15 and is working hard to earn national points to qualify for Regional 16 tournaments. I already feel it is unfair for these tournaments for giving 2 to 6 positions to players from the younger 14 age group division if they are ranked within top 200 in the nation in 14's.

My son along with many other good players who are 15 or 16 years old are on the alternate list. My problem with USTA is their alternate list selection has changed and this is what I was emailed:

"The ordered alternate list will be posted today. Please note that the alternate list is ordered by the following:
Players in the event division with a 100 or more ranking points
Players in the younger division with a 100 or more ranking points in the younger age division
Players in the event division with less than a 100 ranking points
Players in the younger division with less than a 100 ranking points in the younger age division
Unranked players in either division by lot (random draw)
Since most of the players in the division with a 100 ranking points or more were selected into the main draw, the alternate lists all start with the younger players with a 100 or more ranking points. Most players in the age division will have less than a 100 ranking points in the division and so will follow them. Please check this before you write and tell me that you are in the wrong position. We do make mistakes occasionally, and if we do, we will correct the list. However, we will not go back retroactively if someone has already been added to the main draw."

My issue with this section process is USTA already allowed 6 players from the younger age group into a tournament with a draw of 32. One spot is open for a wildcard. That means only 25 kids that have actually earned their ranking points qualified for this tournament and 7 kids gets a free ride. Now all the other kids that are working hard to qualify for this tournament gets put into an alternate list. Why in the world would the kids in the younger 14 age group get the first opportunity to be selected from the alternate list before the kids that are playing in the 16's? USTA already took 6 kids from the 14's. Now they are going to take more from the 14's when selected players withdraw? This is totally not fair.

Kids should earn their way into each tournament. Actually no kids should be given a free ride into any tournament just because they were the top 200 in the nation in the younger division. Each kid should play in their age group and if they want to play up in a higher age group, they should go through the same process like everyone else by playing local Championships, Excellence and Sectional tournaments to earn national points so they can qualify for the Regional tournaments like everyone else. What are your thoughts?
It's hard to say what's fair, since fair to one group is not fair to another.

And as you probably already know, most of those 14 yr olds that get selected can lay a whupping on the bottom half of 16s that get in. Besides, Regionals are so watered down you can pretty much get in somewhere if you don't mind travelling.
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