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Well, I grew up in the fog belt in SanFrancisco, 45th Ave. and Santiago, 3 blocks from OceanBeach.
Summers, we'd get blocks of 15-30 days without seeing the sun, any time of the day or night.
Winters, we get plenty of sun between the rain, but temps likely 42-55 degrees. Downtown SanFrancisco, or where PacBell Park is located, might be 65 degrees while the Sunset District get's to 54 by 3PM, in AUGUST.
Our hottest time, Indian Summer, is right now. Right now, in SanFrancisco, it's 59 degrees, with fog blowing in strong for a 30 degree cool off after this hot weekend.
Here in SanPablo, about 14 miles inland, it's still warm out after the 4 day heat spell, about 70 right now just past noon.
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