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Originally Posted by PaulMan View Post
Sorry tm, if you're south of 200lbs, you're not invited...

Sap, you're invited.

JRs, I think you're invited?

Cb, are you north of the magical 200? If so, please come along.

Downs, you're definitely not invited; of course you're not coming all the way downtown for lunch anyway...

That is all.
so i'm being discriminated against because i'm not big boned? give me a chance man. i eat above my weight.

btw -- i played with my exo3 tour team last night with terrible syn gut. it played terrible but i think it was actually the strings. with a poly or hybrid i thought it might be pretty decent. then i bust out the m-fil 300's that CB strung up. and for the second time in a row they felt magical. so i'm loving these sticks i bought for $10 each. and then for shiz and giggles - sappy let me borrow his aerogel 200 16x19 european specials. took off his super crap wilson overgrips -- the ones that look like they come free with a 4-pack of balls. and without the overgrips -- they weigh 325 grams. right in my wheelhouse. and i loved those too. plus i fixed his buttcaps squeaking (that's what she said). so i love old azz dunlops that cost next to nothing or nothing. i don't know if that means i'm cheap or i'm supposed to play with dunlops.
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