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Originally Posted by Dags View Post
Of course, it could be argued that's because it contains far less data compared to Google Maps.

Ok, that'll be my final pop at the Maps app. I've flogged that horse, and then some. I'm currently using Google Maps via a browser when I'm stationary, and am flicking between Waze and NavFree for turn-by-turn.

As a side note, Siri still hasn't been properly globalised:

Me: What are the latest football scores?
Siri: Queens Park Rangers was beaten by West Ham last Monday; the final score was 2 to 1.

That was indeed the latest match in the English Premier League. But someone needs to teach him (yes, Siri's male over here...) that we would never say '2 to 1'.

Nice to see it recognising this sort of question though. I might well find myself using it more.
I found this useful as well. On the weekends, even when the screen is locked I can fire up Siri and ask about NFL or College Football scores, and it hasn't missed one yet. Even if I ask by school name or mascot, it works well.

It's an imperfect feature, but it's getting better and more useful.
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