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Originally Posted by BigServer1 View Post
You claim that people who buy apple products are uninformed, yet you post this?

The iPhone 5 is FAR more durable than the iPhone 4/4S. It beat out the GSIII in multiple drop tests from multiple sources, and the ifixit guys posted a video where they dropped the 5 multiple times on a tile floor, and the screen didn't crack until they borderline threw it on the ground from 5+ feet up.

You can say that you personally find it cheaper feeling (I disagree with this personally), or that the anodized aluminum on the black is more prone to scratching or scuffing (this I agree with), but this is a far more durable phone than the iPhone 4(S) in terms of withstanding drops and not shattering or breaking.

WTH would I claim people that buy Apple products are uninformed when I own several myself !!!

Sorry but I consider finish just as important, if not more important, when it comes to durability. Scrathes and ding events have a much higher probability of happening than the screen shattering events. The new Iphone's finish, especially in black, is just poorly executed. Again, aluminum was a bad choice; at least in the way Apple chose to finish or seal it...
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