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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post

Your arrogance is really remarkable. You not only belittle Rosewall like the posters of General Players Discussion, you also belittle my knowledge about Rosewall even though I'm an expert on Muscles as several other experts have confirmed.

You err: Most posters here do include Rosewall in the top ten.

I'm not too much impressed by Laver's lists. [Interesting. Tell me more]. You should know that often a great player does not value his fellow greats reasonably.

Laver himself wrote that Rosewall was his toughest opponent.[But, you're not impressed with Laver's lists!].

It's really senseless to discuss with a man who cannot discuss seriously.

Good bye.

P.S.: You have not corrected me. Only krosero has and that was good.
I corrected you. In post #113 You said:

Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Of course it's not a shame for any player not to win a major after 31. But maybe for a GOAT candidate (or the all-time greatest) Laver it looks like a shame considering that his closest rival, Rosewall has won 5 majors after 31.
And, in post #115 I responded:

Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
* * * Easy there, buckwheat! I know you're an enthusiastic advocate. But, Rosewall turned 31 in 1965. He won 4 majors after that.
Now, I'll correct you again. In post #104 you said:

Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
* * * Laver lost 7 out of 7 majors in the 1970s and even did not reach a SF. . . .
Laver played in 8 majors between 1970 and 1977.

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