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Thanks folks. I love reading your tips....I take a little from everything. To address some of the points, I don't put much pressure on myself to win, I just really want to. haha Seriously, who goes out there to lose? But yeah, playing well is always number one. When I lose and play well, I am supremely satisfied because I know that progress has occurred and winning will come. I know that at some point I will be hard to beat if I just keep working. Then I will dominate. Then I will move up to 4.0 level. This is my ambition now. I practice every day in some form or another, and it's amazing when some light bulb goes off in my head. For instance, I used to operate in the mindset that I could try to go big on my first serve and then play it ultra safe on the second. At some point I realized that to get to the next level with my serve I would have to first practice and develop it, and then both serves would be formidable. Now my first serve is not too much "bigger" than my second, but both are dialed down from when I tried to crush a first serve and would send it to the fence or something.

The guy I'm playing tonight is beatable, but all the guys in my league are. This sounds self-serving but I am younger and much more athletic than anyone in my league. I just haven't been playing long and they have been playing for years and are crafty. As an adult, I played for a year in 2006, about three months in 2009, and I just started up again in late July. But I'm taking it seriously this time and attempting to become a real tennis player. I'm getting coaching, taking drills classes, and playing in two leagues. When I'm not doing that, I'm practicing or watching tennis with a "learning" eye. I learn a lot from watching DVR matches over and over again. I really pay attention to what the pros do and why it does or doesn't work for them.

Thanks again, tennis peeps'......I got another half hour before I start getting ready. Further advice is appreciated. I'll post tomorrow on how I did.
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