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Default APDGT vs 4D 200 Tour

I'm looking to make the switch from APDGT to the 4D 200 Tour.
can anyone compare the two rackets.

my style of play-

First Serve: Flat first serve, favorite is down the middle. can go out wide as well.

Second Serve: usually a kick serve, sometimes spin it out wide or spin it down the middle to keep my opponent on his toes.

Forehand: SW grip. My best shot. Can flatten it out if needed or extra spin if needed. most of the time it's a mix between flat and spin (if that makes sense).

Backhand: OHBH. topspin good depth. Can also flatten it out for a winner.

Volley: Never really volley much, but if i need to I'm okay with them. Mostly a aggressive base-liner.

Style: Sometimes S&V, throw in a few drop-shots to mix things up. Most of the time an aggressive base-liner dictating play and putting away points.

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