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String your racket one piece and never tie off a main string assuming you are not using hybrid strings. If you mains end at the throat and you do not want to string bottom up use an ATW pattern.

If your mains end at the top use the short side string to run in the top two crosses. When you have all your mains in use the short side string to run in the second cross. After pulling tension on the second cross use a starting clamp to hold tension on the second cross. Use the long side to run in the third cross and clamp it tp the cond cross. If you don't have a starting clamp use your short side clamp on the outside of the frame to hold the second cross. Then you will have to either adjust the clamp for one string or use a scrap piece of string in the open side.

if you are using an ATW pattern pretty much the same. Run in all but the last mains on both sides. Use the short side for the second main and clamp as before. Now use the long side to run in the third and go all the way down to the next to the last cross and tie off. Don't use that string for the bottom cross. Pull tension on the second cross again and move the clamp to the inside of the racket. At this point you have all but the outside strings strung. String the top cross, short side outside main, bottom cross, and long side outside main and tie off.

EDIT: Or you could string the long side outside main first on the ATW and the top cross last if you want.
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