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Is it MY lack of knowledge, or is it YOU believing the marketeers who promote doing things so THEY can make tons of money off us?
Are we sure about that? Just where did YOU get you concepts from? Did you read a "scientific research paper", or did you read a marketeers version of the same? Are you sure?
Remember, your scientists insisted on tossing that 107 year old freshwater sturgeon into the salt water SanFranciscoBay. They said the sturgeon cannot live in fresh water. So it died the very NEXT day, one day after being tossed into the salt water. Every SierraClub activist said the sturgeon lived for 107 years in fresh water, so leave it there. Your scientists had the backing of the local gendarmes.
**** Germany published hundreds of "scientific data" that Jews were inferior people, polluting Germany, and must now be terminated. Did you believe that one too?
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