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BP, I own reels of Energy and Turbo. I also have a reel of Genesis Black Magic, and sets in various gauges of Dunlop Black Widow. Black Widow 18 is the softest poly on the market as far as stiffness goes depending on who you ask (Pro Hurricane 18 and Head FXP Tour are softer in some, Topspin Cyberflash are softer in other lists, but BW is always in that top 3). By feel, Black Magic feels softer with Energy and Turbo coming in just slightly softer feeling. Energy will not transform your opinion of poly. For my customers seeking the utmost in poly comfort, I send them to Black Magic or Energy. Many still have TE issues. When I go and use Black Widow, the TE disappears. In short, Xonemains' clamps are simply set too tight because while it feels incredibly soft and is incredibly soft, it's not soft enough to declare that it's like playing with a multi. Not even close.
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