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Originally Posted by namelessone View Post
If Nadal's body is ready to go by say, mid December, where exactly do you want him to make his comeback? Hell,from Toronto(mid August) till February 4th 2013 there are nothing but HC events(last clay event this year was on 22 July in Kitzbuhel) until Movistar Open 2013 in Santiago. Barring a clay tie with Spain Nadal could only come back on HC until the southamerican clay swing of next year. The tour is 65% HC people, there is no escaping it and people are accusing Nadal of coming back to HC when in fact two thirds of the time you will be stepping on concrete when you want to play a tennis match.

Point is, if he wants to play in AO he has to come back to on HC and looking at the calendar, from August 2012 - February 2013 he has ONLY hc events in sight.

Can you please give me a link where Nadal says he wants ALL hardcourt events to go away from the tour? Every Nadal statement I've heard is about having FEWER hardcourt events. He usually just says that they are bad for the bodies of the players but I've never heard him say eliminate them all from the tour.
First: Nadal could organize an exhibition match on clay practically anywhere in the world (how bout Spain for starters), I mean hes already playing an non tour exhibition match already isnt he? Why not organize his own on a surface that wont hurt his knees?

Second: This is the quote I am referring to:
"I canít pretend not to play on hard courts when two of the Slams are on hard courts, but there is a mistake "with our game," Nadal said. ďYou donít watch footballers playing on a hard surface, or basketball players, those sports with rapid movements. Itís not going to change for me and my generation. Hard courts are very negative for the body. I know the sport is a business and creating these courts is easier than clay or grass, but I am 100 percent sure it is wrong. I may have to play more on clay than before, but there arenít that many options." source:

That quote does not explicitly say he wants fewer hard courts nor does it explicitly say he wants them eliminated but read it and tell me what impression your left with?
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