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Thanks for your input. I am not having too much of an issue with the top kids from a younger age division getting the chance to play in a higher age group as long as there are only 2-4 spots for them in a draw of 32. I know those top kids are great players but to allow more kids from the lower age group when they shouldn't be there is my problem. There is already 6 spots given to younger age group players.

My biggest issue is why on earth would USTA give more younger aged group kids priority over kids playing in that age group in the Alternates? That means if the tournament gets 3 kids withdrawing, they will fill them with younger aged group players that are not even ranked in the top 200 nationally? How is this fair any anyone that is working hard to try and qualify for this tournament?

I am not worried about my son but I see this as unfair for many players. These younger age groups should not be even allowed to play if they are not the 6 kids ranked above 200 nationally. This makes the draw easy for some players as the competition will not be as competitive. I can see if one of the 6 younger aged player withdraw that they would replace him with another younger player but I don't see the reasoning behind putting more younger players into this tournament that hasn't earned the right to be there.

I know I can't change anything but just wanted to come here to vent a little. My son is a 3 star and still needs a lot of hard work. I am trying to enjoy this long process but I also want things to be fair for everyone, not just for my son. We enjoy these Regional tournaments as it's our father and son weekend getaways. I am not going to take him outside of California to any Regional just to chase points. I just want him to get the opportunity to play top players around the country and learn to be a better player.
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