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Originally Posted by GenesisTurbo View Post
I'm looking to make the switch from APDGT to the 4D 200 Tour.
can anyone compare the two rackets.

my style of play-

First Serve: Flat first serve, favorite is down the middle. can go out wide as well.

Second Serve: usually a kick serve, sometimes spin it out wide or spin it down the middle to keep my opponent on his toes.

Forehand: SW grip. My best shot. Can flatten it out if needed or extra spin if needed. most of the time it's a mix between flat and spin (if that makes sense).

Backhand: OHBH. topspin good depth. Can also flatten it out for a winner.

Volley: Never really volley much, but if i need to I'm okay with them. Mostly a aggressive base-liner.

Style: Sometimes S&V, throw in a few drop-shots to mix things up. Most of the time an aggressive base-liner dictating play and putting away points.

Wonder what is that you are looking for in making the switch, more control?, arm issues?
You are going from one extreme to another IMO, from a tweener, close to even balance, stiff and free-power frame, to a flexy, low power, head-light player's frame, it might suit your aggressive baseline style, but I would say it would too much of a leap .
Maybe you can try some intermediate-kind-of-frame (something in the pure storm, or head speed line)
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