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The main reason you don't see it much is that you have to pass up a TS Fh to
hit it
most of the time, and since the TS Fh is often a players best shot...
why not hit your best shot as often as you can? Yes, you can mix it up some
if you are getting a lot of looks on the Fh side, but most often your opponent is
going to try and work your Bh if your game is like the avg player.

If your TS Fh is not your best shot, likely your game sub par, but clearly not always
the case, like with Murray and DJ. Their overall level is so high it does not matter
much though. Even though their Bh may be better in ways, their TS Fh is still brutal
as well as versatile. Most club players Bh is only better because the TS Fh is weak
for some reason and makes the Bh look better incomparison.

It comes down to the fact that most players are not going to pass up many looks
on their bread and butter stroke, to hit a Fh slice.
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