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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
Admittedly some topics can get quite heated but it can be frustrating when a poster feels another poster isn't at least acknowledging his or her points.

I get sometimes get annoyed when you try to give facts and logical information to another poster and that poster refuses to acknowledge it, ignores the information and continues to give his or her undocumented theories.

And Kiki, I am not just thinking of you and Jan Kodes. I actually enjoy you pushing Kodes. And you are reasonable in putting him down on the all time greats list. The general statement above can be a lot of posters. I have no particular poster in mind.

Back to topic, I do think Laver was perhaps in a head to head basis the best player in the world in 1970 and 1971. By that I mean if he played a head to head tour of let's say 100 matches against anyone in the world, I believe he would win the majority of matches, assuming a variety of surfaces. I'm not sure about from 1972 and onward. Perhaps for just one match he MAY have been the best but in a long tour against let's say a Nastase in 1972 or 1973, well I'm not sure how Laver would have done. I could see the Rocket losing the overall tour against Nastase. It probably would be close and I can see either side winning.

Laver had some injury problems I believe during those years. I think it was some back problems (among others) that affected his serve and overhead. He also had some wrist problems I believe. I would guess that it came from all the wear and tear of the all the matches he played over the years plus aging.
I donŽt think you can honestly say I did not provide some data on Kodes, other than his results at the Slam tournaments.But if you need some, IŽll bring it up.

Good quote on Nastase being probably superior to Laver ( although not by much) in 72 and 73.I think Ilie had already beaten Rod before he reached his prime, around 1970 or 1971.
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