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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
And no, just having the intent to be positioned properly wrt the ball is not enough. There are efficient and inefficient ways.
Notice the way this to post above is so poorly stated and contrast to mine

"I hope you get some good answers, but for me, it's about being focused on
working on position for a great contact point."- 5263

See how I share with you with what works for me and my students from experience
and say it may be helpful for you, understanding that your experience may vary.
But see how even though he has no teaching experience, he wants to say
something "proven to work, isn't enough" and proceed to tell you what you
what does work. He attempts to judge something he has no experience with
and replace it with another he has little to no experience with. Interesting
mindset and hopefully that alone gives you some insight into the usefulness of
his advice.
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