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Originally Posted by stephan_58 View Post
I have a question about the inside foot when you pivot and do the shoulder turn in an open stance forehand. I'm a little confused as to how the inside foot should be positioned. As far as I can see there are two common positions: 1. To turn the inside foot so it is parallel to the baseline (as shown here:, 2. position the foot more or less perpendicular to the baseline (

(there's also option 3 which would be to open the inside foot even more, as a coach once told me to do, I'm not convinced that is a valid option though, seems to me you prohibit some unit turn that way...)

When I watch clips of the pros in slow motion i think most of them don't really turn their inside foot that much. I'm not sure of the importance of this, however. But I would think that you can get a better unit turn if you turn the foot, why is it then that most of the pros don't?

I hope it's clear what I mean...
Here's my answer: On your takeback, your toes on both feet should be facing the side fence, and, on your finish they should be facing the other side fence.
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