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Originally Posted by LuckyR View Post
I get it. Take a step back and look at it this way: everyone expects that you would have less nerves just hittin' aroun' with your buds as you would in a match that you cared about, right? That is a given. The unknown is how much these nerves are going to impact your game. Maybe a lot, maybe a little. That is not choking, that is typical, expected, matchplay nerves, stagefright, whathaveyou.

You can lessen that over time with experience, yoga, hypnotism, whatever. Hell, if Murray is doing it, why would you expect not to be dealing with it?

Choking is when (even with your matchplay nerves) you are dominating, then do a 180 and lose abruptly.
i want it to end. but, i am not sure how close i m to the finish line.

i must feel i m close (may only be a misconception) which really adds to the tension.
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