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Originally Posted by GenesisTurbo View Post
Top Jimmy- Thanks for your input i was looking for someone who made the same switch.
I'm a big boy so i will be able to handle the stick, my technique it's okay.
I'm the opposite of you, with the APDGT i penetrated the ball and flatten out almost all my shots.

out of the two sticks
what are the diff?
what are the similarities?

Thank You
I could actually volley much better with the APDGT, just stick the racket out, punch ball. I can't get the feel on the 200 due to the weight, a little slugish for me. Played a set with my PS85 to compare and was back to volleying like I can, the head heavy balance makes it tough (for me).

I love the feel of the flex and dead spot on the upper hoop of the 200, can just rip away, ball goes in. If I slow down my swing, it goes out.

Serves very well but I can't generate the head speed of similarly weighted rackets that are 8-10 pts HL.

I use RPM Blast at 56-58 lbs. Hated, hated, hated, hated hybrid setup in this thing, made it feel like mush to me, no power. Tried tour bite and that felt to crisp compared to RPM.

I'd buy more 200 tours but they are out of 1/4 grips, jerks.
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