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Originally Posted by TimeToPlaySets View Post
Yea, but against a good player, you will very often have FH shots OUT of position. Under 4.0 will usually make an error on these shots. This is why a slice can become "the best offense is a good defense". Against a strong player, you might hit more FH slices b/c you're never in position to hit a clean topspin FH anyway.

Slice always beats an unforced error.
Well sure, if you are overmatched like that you will be forced to go to the slice
more, but
Pros are never overmatched that much. I thought this was asking why you don't
see the Fh slice more in normal matches where each player is good enough
to work their game and actually have a game.
you said, "But you seldom see pros use it ", so that is what I commented on.

All bets are off for beginners looking
to build a game and strokes. You might see anything and yes, do see many Fh
slices in these type matches.
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