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Default FS: 4x Head Youtek Radical MP, professionally matched and balanced for tour player

FS: 4x Head Youtek Radical MP rackets. 98 square inch frame (630 square cm), 18x20 string pattern. They each weigh about 335g unstrung and with a balance of about 30.9 cm.

These rackets are all in good condition. I would rate them at about 8/10 condition. No cracks, fractures or damage. But they do have scratches on the frame only on one side (the orange side, right where the headguard ends). They are all 4 1/4 (#2) grip size. They also have the grey buttcaps with the black Head logo trapdoors. The grips are synthetic with fresh Tourna Grips installed.

I got these rackets from a coach at an academy I was at for a short time while in Europe. The coach got them from one of his touring players. There is silicone in the handles (quite a bit it seems) and lead tape under the bumper guard. I don't think that they are pro stock tgk 260.1 because I see no sticker on the inside of the throat, but I have never removed the pallets so I'm not sure. My guess is that they are a pros rackets that he got from Head and had customized. The coach told me that they are all matched with weight, balance, and swingweight. I know getting that service done usually costs quite a bit.

I played with them for about 2 months and then my coach gave me different rackets. They felt very solid and controlled the ball very well.

Asking $125 shipped each. Or $450 for all 4.

Please feel free to email for more pics, offers or questions!

hyper7racer at gmail dot com



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