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Originally Posted by Maui19 View Post
I am a 3.5C. I was surprised I didn't get bumped last year, as were most of the people I play with. I am assuming I am near the cutoff for 4.0.

This year, I played up at 4.0, where I was 2-3. I generally played the #3 court with the oldest/slowest guys on my team (because I can run a little). I know that at least two of my 12 opponents were 3.5s.

I also went 7-2 in Combo and Mixed, but I don't think those results count at all.

I was originally thinking that because I played up I am almost certain to get bumped. But looking back at the small number of matches and the weakness of my opponents, I am wondering if that is such a sure thing after all.

Back to your original question since I joined this thread late, I'd be interested in looking at your matches from last year and this year so I could offer a more informed opinion. If you are interested, e-mail me at computerratings at
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