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Originally Posted by Mainad View Post
Do you mean it is over-hyped just because Murray won it? Why do I have the feeling you wouldn't be pedalling this argument if Federer had won it instead?

Lol at the idea of poor old Fed hobbling about Wimbledon's hallowed lawns on his zimmer frame, swatting away all those cheeky young bucks trying to stop him winning his 17th major. In reality, it was a great achievement of course but Federer was in peak condition and playing at almost his peak level. The only things he had to battle were the other players.

Oh change the record, it's becoming wearily familiar. The only guy who got handed a silver platter at the US Open was Novak Djokovic for coming runner-up in the final! A bit of wind, lol? Somehow all the other players couldn't cope with it except for Murray? Do me a favour!! He battled through a much harder draw than Federer ever had to contend with and didn't buckle at the first tough opponent that came his way like Fed did. He went out and won that tournament every bit as fair and square as Federer went out and won Wimbledon. Only a ludicrously biased ******* like yourself would ever try to argue otherwise!

And yes, I believe the Olympics was a more important event than Madrid (although the ATP doesn't award it as many ranking points). Whatsmore, I'll wager Roger Federer thought it was a more important event as well!

Yes that is why he took an MTO against Malisse and moved like a 60 year old.

Originally Posted by hersito View Post
Say what ever you people want to say, bash me as much as you want but for me Olympics is the biggest title any athlete can get, even more when the pros are playing, you can only win it once every 4 years, with GS and any other tournament you have a chance every year.
WTF>GS. You have one chance every year to win WTF. You have 4 chances to win a major.

What a crock.
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