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Originally Posted by Woolybugger View Post
I too have an alpha pioneer dc plus. The towers sliding is a known problem, and sadly, quite common. Regular posters will chime in on their unique solution, but I just put a piece of old leather between the towers and the base, tighten the knobs, and problem solved.

As for mounting, I just make them snug in the beginning. When I pull mains, the racquet gets shorter and I notice a little slack in the top and bottom mounts, but that's no problem. When I pull crosses, the racquet gets back into shape. I once tried tightening the mounts to take up the slack but when I pulled the cross, the racquet stretched so hard against the mounts that it developed a hairline crack (maybe just the paint). So I don't mess with the mounts anymore while stringing.
That sucks to hear that it's a common problem. I've been retightening the mounts at the 6 and 12 oclock position because I figure if it gets loose it will cause deformity in the racquet head. I guess I shouldn't correct it anymore. I just didn't want the racquet to become loose and then the tension pulling cause the frame to deform. What type of leather did you use? I don't think I have any handy so I might have to buy a piece from somewhere. Thanks for your input.
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