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That's a really weird place to have a callus, sounds like your grip size is wrong or you're holding the grip incorrectly.

You should have calluses at the base of your 4th and 3rd fingers, an inch below your thumb (in your palm), and on the sides of your index finger and thumb.
thanks for the input guys. This reply was interesting. So after reading ya'lls responses, my grip is not too small. I can fit an index finger in between my hitting hand grip.

But maybe I'll holding it too low? I hold the racket on my groundstrokes pretty loose. And the buttcap is situated right over the callus which is in the palm between 4th and 5th finger. So essentially half my pinky hangs down below the handle.

Just curious why should you get calluses below the 3rd and 4th finger? I look at my hand and those two spots are almost baby skin.
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