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Default Head Radical OS Slice and Dice

I am a Prestige Pro player, 3.5-4.0 level, and recently picked up a friend's old blue Head 107--I don't know the model--its over 25 years old and was just messing around with it. I was able to put amazing spin and junk on the ball. Far more action than I can get with my PP with RPM Blast 18 at 45-47 lbs. He has the same results, has no idea where the racquet came from other than remembering that it was a cheap one. It is strung with syn gut.

It is relatively heavy, and is about an even balance or maybe slightly headlight, I believe. My friend is not willing to part with it as it is his "Hail Mary" stick when he is getting blown out, and I am eyeballing something for the same purpose.

My prior experiences with other OS racquets is that I could not keep the ball on the court--but this one I could and could do it with ease. Quite amazed.

I would like to be able to duplicate this ability with a racquet of my own. I have checked thrift stores with no luck. I am considering just buying a Radical OS and seeing what I could do with it. I anticipate that I will upweight it in a polarized config.

Does anyone have any guidance or thoughts about the Radical OS for this purpose or another cheap OS that might fit the bill?

I am also considering the ProKennex ki 15 PSE (the black and blue one).
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