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Originally Posted by timnz View Post
We have send endless discussion about the GOAT, who about a discussion on the Greatest US player of all time (men)

Contenders for discussion:









There have been other great US players bUt i don't think i have left anybody out in the discussion of the Very greatest USplayer of all time

Each one case for the top

Tilden - 7 times year end world number 1. Most major titles of anybody on this list (15). Longevity - could still win the odd match against world number 1 (budge) at nearly 50 years of age. Great win loss record

Budge - first winner of the grand slam - number 1 for 4 or 5 years (year end)

Kramer - number 1 for 4 or. 5 years (year end)

Gonzales - 14 majors (though more if you include winning pro tours and tournament of champions 3 times). Arguably world number 1 year end for eight years

Connors - most titles in open era. 3 to 5 times year end number 1 (depending on who you talk to).

McEnroe - 7 majors and 8 major indoor titles. 3 or 4 times year end number 1. (Only the atp list him as such for 1982 - when really he was number 3)

Agassi - phenom. Of all surfaces - fast grass/ indoor carpet. to slow clay. Won all major titles open to him (except if you rate the grand slam cup)

Sampras - amazing fast court player. 14 majors, 5 (or 7 if you count grand slam cups) major indoor titles. 6 time year end number 1

Hard to pick - but my top 3 would be (in no particular order) - Tilden, Gonzales, Sampras
Good list. But, Ellsworth Vines and Tony Trabert deserve to be on it, IMO.

PS: Maybe an honorable mention for Arthur Ashe.

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