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Play tennis for 2 years holding the racket like that, and a skin buildup will occur, and you won't complain.
However, I hope you don't play a net game, volleying constantly, and relying on reflex quickness to win points.
In the meantime, if you want to cure this problem, one cure would be for you to use a heavier racket.
thanks bud. great advise. but actually i'm trying to develop a net game because my serves are getting better and i'm aiming it better so i figured a s + v approach would be a good compliment. Plus i don't like baseline grinding.

I think part of the main problem is that the racket is vibrating too much and then being abrasive to that area of skin. Holding my racket too loose probably doesn't help because when I hit a hard shot it put a lot of stress on that area.
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