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Hi BruceG,

Astute of you to notice! You're right, I loved playing with the V1 MP (power, spin, maneuverability, feel.. I really like how it is an all-round package that has a lot to offer me - I'm assuming you like it too? Good choice!). But, I have been spending a lot of my time playing with the PD. There are a few reasons for this, most of which are very silly..

First off, I have been using the PD to do string reviews so I can have a consistent platform from which to base my opinions.

Secondly, I actually grew up playing with the Pure Drive and while I had a little mini-vacay to Wilson for a while during college, the PD is my weakness. Whether it's actually the best racquet for me is yet to be confirmed, as it sometimes has just a little too much power for me. This said, because I love the feel SO much and because I have such a long history with it, it's my comfort zone especially in something with higher stakes, like the Gotta Want It before a tournament.

Lastly, I really enjoyed playing with the V1 but with so many racquets, I tend to go through cycles of playing with certain ones that I prefer when we have a little downtime from racquet reviews (like the V1 and the PD). We have so many racquets on our racquet wall that sometimes ones that I haven't played with in a while (but still loved) get lost behind all the others and I forget about them!

I guess my best answer for you is that, yes, you're right, I really, really liked the V1 and don't have any negatives about it, but my default is to pick up the Pure Drive. I actually want to thank you for the reminder though, because now I'm going to be getting the V1 out again to hit this week! I'll let you know if I have any changes in opinion about it now that I have playtested more and been hitting with the PD a lot.

Siobhan, TW

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