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Question Crank machine snapping string??!

Hey guys, Just today, I was stringing on my prince neos 1500 as usual. I was stringing a Wilson blx six one tour 90 with RPM blast string 17 at 57 pounds for my client. I was stringing the 2nd main on the short side and just like that.....gone, the string snapped on me. This has never happened to me before and I can not figure out why. Was the string itself weak?

Also, I has some questions about my tension head. Lately, I noticed the part of the string that is in the tension head, after I tension it, it becomes scuffed, why is this? Another thing that has been happening is after I let tension go sometimes the string will still be stuck in the tensioner and will not come out. I will have to re-pull tension to get the string out. Why is this happening too? Could this be a contributing factor to the snapping of the string?

P.S I clean my machine once a week, if not more. I feel like I need to with how many racquets I string a day. Which the number has grown from just a couple months ago.

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