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Originally Posted by tennis_pro View Post
Type in whatever associates with tennis that could happen in the next 5 years. For the next generation to bump of course. I say:

- around 2015-2016 a new star born inbetween 1992-1994 emerges out of nowhere and dominates tennis for 2 years, possibly wins the Grand Slam (went full re***d there I know)
- there will be no teenagers in the top 100 at the end of 2013
- Federer and Nadal will have retired by then, both will pick the very same tournament as their last
- we'll have a Chinese top tenner
- there will be a Slam boycott in which 5 of the top 10 players won't participate
- the US officials will welcome a roof at the US Open (hallelujah)
I hope he new star comes true except the CYGS......that would embaress Fedalovic.

No teenagers in the top100 by the end of 2013....I agree with that. Either the teenager becomes twenty or dissapear. Tomic....goodbye.

Fedal....won't pick thesame tournament as their last.

Nadal= Barcelona, or Madrid or French Open.

Federer= Wimbledon or Basel.

Slam Boycott....I hope it happens like it should in 2013 AO.

US Open organizers put a roof...... ....not gonna happen. They just gonna get burned each year predicting no rain in the second week.
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