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Originally Posted by NickC View Post
I'd take Ilkay Gundogan to Chelsea in a heartbeat. The fact that he can play almost anywhere in the spine of the midfield says a ton about him. He kicked *** left and right today. Great player. Am I the only one who saw a bit of Ballack in him?
I think he's more mobile than Ballack, he's 5'11 whilst Ballack is almost 6'3. They do have the same kind of style though, I agree.

I miss Ballack. My Dad always used to point out how Chelsea used to play back then, we got alot of stick for being physical and ugly, but to those who payed alot of attention, there were so many passing options and we did used to keep the ball better. Obviously having Ballack and Makelele helped there, Mikel and Ramires or Lampard doesn't have the same effect.
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