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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
I agree with everything you have said about this wonderful frame. It is plenty solid for me...moreso than the stock PD12. It has been playing well for me with poly/multi or poly/syngut at 47/50.

How's your new set up with these polys? How does it compare to your old full bed excel set up? Just curious more spin? My current set up is 3g at 12 o,clock. The rest of the weight in in the handle up to 338g atm. Still feels extremely fast. I actually do win more with this stick than my P1's.

Can't be bothered writing that review now, Donnay doesn't pay me so who gives, lol. All I can say is people looking for a stick in this class that has better feel and comfort, demo this. And Pro kennel users with broken ams, give this a try also.
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