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Default Best tension holding poly main?

Hey all,

Throughout the winter I'm looking at trying to replace my PHT/Gosen hybrid with something new for match ready sticks! So I'll need some of your help, I don't know too too much about the poly/syngut combos and what people are using these days.

Pro's of my set:

-Softer feel off the bed
-Decent pop with solid spin
-Lasts up to 10 hours of hitting (ideal range)
-Doesn't bother my arm one bit


-Price, PHT is pretty expensive here and I can't order Babolat any more!

So yeah, basically the only downside is the price. I'm looking for a solid tension holding poly that's a "comfortable" for up to 10 hours in the mains provided they don't pop before that. Stringing them up in a Youtek Rad Pro. I'd prefer a poly that dies into more of the "springy / mushy" death, rather then the "hard as steel" death.

Thanks everyone! The only brands I cannot order are Head/Babolat. Any suggestions from possibly Tourna / Weisscannon / Volkl that might fit my bill?

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