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My player, 9 years old, started a year ago, likes to hit hard, wants to win every single point in practise. She runs like h.ll to reach every ball. Real fighter.

Now she says she wants to start playing tournaments. My plan is to postpone that until her game is "ready" enough. But she says she can't wait to start competing because she wants to win 'real matches' and also because she's "soo eager to make the other girl cry for losing her".

Should I try to convince her that that's a wrong motive to play tennis? That tennis is "just a game"? It seems pretty important to her
As long as she already mastered the basic sound technique, necessary strokes, serves, and mentally capable to compete, I don't see why not. You can try putting her in tournaments as a part of learning. I would suggest that you do not overlyemphasize on winning and losing. Not competing for points or build up ranking esp. just after a year of tennis in her case. Make sure to stress on testing her skills, strategies, emotionally, etc in tournament matches as part of her development.
She seems overly competitive already wanting to make the other girl cry. Coming from another competitive sport...perhaps? Competitiveness is quite a good quality to have. As a parent please know that tennis is an individual sport. Be ready to support her. She is as likely to cry when she loses. My 13 year old cried with a surprised loss the other day. Very rarely now but still happened. She was upset that she played poorly and should have won. Match experience is as important as good technique, IMO. Cannot have one without the other.

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