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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
Hi BruceG,

Astute of you to notice! You're right, I loved playing with the V1 MP (power, spin, maneuverability, feel.. I really like how it is an all-round package that has a lot to offer me - I'm assuming you like it too? Good choice!). But, I have been spending a lot of my time playing with the PD. There are a few reasons for this, most of which are very silly..

First off, I have been using the PD to do string reviews so I can have a consistent platform from which to base my opinions.

Secondly, I actually grew up playing with the Pure Drive and while I had a little mini-vacay to Wilson for a while during college, the PD is my weakness. Whether it's actually the best racquet for me is yet to be confirmed, as it sometimes has just a little too much power for me. This said, because I love the feel SO much and because I have such a long history with it, it's my comfort zone especially in something with higher stakes, like the Gotta Want It before a tournament.

Lastly, I really enjoyed playing with the V1 but with so many racquets, I tend to go through cycles of playing with certain ones that I prefer when we have a little downtime from racquet reviews (like the V1 and the PD). We have so many racquets on our racquet wall that sometimes ones that I haven't played with in a while (but still loved) get lost behind all the others and I forget about them!

I guess my best answer for you is that, yes, you're right, I really, really liked the V1 and don't have any negatives about it, but my default is to pick up the Pure Drive. I actually want to thank you for the reminder though, because now I'm going to be getting the V1 out again to hit this week! I'll let you know if I have any changes in opinion about it now that I have playtested more and been hitting with the PD a lot.

Siobhan, TW
Nope, none of that is silly at all. Makes perfect sense to use one racquet to do your string reviews (gives real consistency) and a good idea to use something like the PD which is so popular with so many people.

Im just at the point where I've had some shoulder trouble and want a racquet that is easy on the arm, good sweetspot, a bit of pop but not so powerful I can't control it and that works really well for doubles as well as singles (I mostly play doubles; try to s&v on both serves). I thought the Organix V1 MP looked like the ideal candidate. I think I've tried almost everything else on the market but so far nothing has given me the playing characteristics I'm looking for along with arm comfort.

And thanks for the really detailed reply, it was greatly appreciated. You guys usually find the flaws in a racquet way sooner than us hackers (4.0 but move like a retiree) so I figure if you haven't found any negatives it's unlikely I will either. I'll demo it and fingers crossed it works out just as well although I might try it with something softer than a poly.

Thanks again,

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