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Originally Posted by cknobman View Post
Here is what this boils down to really:

Thousands of professional tennis players have played on hardcourts over the years and their careers have been just fine.

Hard courts are the toughest on the body and today they make up more of the tour than any other surface.

Players have expressed the desire to play FEWER hardcourt tournaments.

Nadal is the only one expressing the desire to REMOVE hardourts from the tour and trying to pass his opinion that they are bad for the sport as a fact.

Nadal is taking his own personal issues/feelings and trying to project them onto the entire tour.

Nadal then proceeds to conflict with his own desires/opinions by making his first matches back from injury (supposedly caused by hardcourts) at an exhibition match (note this is entirely his own choice to play) which will be played on a hardcourt (the very surface he says needs to be removed from the game). Keep in mind that as an exhibition match Nadal does not need or have to play it and furthermore he could choose to play an exhibition match anywhere on Earth on any surface he wishes but instead he is choosing to play on a hardcourt.

So you see where the lack of respect for his statements comes from, dont you?
If Nadal says hardcourts should be removed, what surface does he suggest that the AO and USO be played on, exactly?
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