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Originally Posted by Crisstti View Post
The situation was similar with football from West and East Germany.
East Germany won the only match they played against each other, though, at the 1974 World Cup. East German domestic football had teams that were supported by different sections of the state authorities, like the Stasi and the Police.

Originally Posted by Lefty78 View Post
Because communism is a sickness of the soul, and greatness in a sport like tennis cannot be achieved without the desire to exalt oneself.

To be a great tennis player in a communist country, one must be a dissident, like Ivan Lendl.

It also doesn't hurt that the commies haven't historically supported tennis.
Well, I'm a communist. Communism is stateless and classless. That does not describe East Germany from 1948-1989. East Germany was a Stalinist state (a totalitarian state bureaucracy that rules over the masses while resting on a state planned economy). Now, the state planned economy was a huge positive, but the totalitarian bureaucratic rule was a huge negative that eventually choked the life out of the planned economy, leading to the restoration of capitalism.
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