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Default German star players- all underachievers?

Are the key German tennis players all underachievers?

Just looking at the names:

Boris Becker- 6 slams is an amazing career, but when he burst on the scene winning those Wimbledons so early I think everyone expected he would do even more.

Michael Stich- 1 slam. He seems like a huge underachiever given his talent. He could play well on every surface, he made a major final or won a major title on all surfaces including clay (96 French Open finalist) and carpet (93 ATP World Championship winner over Sampras).

Anke Huber- Generally regarded an underachiever, was expected to be a future slam winner in her youth.

Tommy Haas and Nicholas Kiefer- Major underachievers.

Kohde Kilsh, Hanika, and Bunge- it seems the general consensus is people were expecting each to last a bit longer near the top and do a bit more than they did.

Is there any noteable German player who wasnt an underachiever.
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